Fuel Your Fire with Duma Energy

Elevate your vitality with DUMA, the ultimate fusion of power and refreshment. Unleash unstoppable energy, conquer every challenge, and savor taste of triumph with every sip.


At DUMA, we’re committed to developing energy drinks that not only taste delicious but also provide the necessary energy to overcome any obstacle that comes your way. Our team recognizes the challenges of a busy lifestyle and the exhaustion it can cause, which is why we have created our drinks to provide an energy boost

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  • Duma energy drink
  • mango energy drink
  • Ginger energy drink
  • Hibiscus energy drink
  • Duma energy drink
  • mango energy drink
  • Ginger energy drink
  • Hibiscus energy drink
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    Exceptional product! The taste is fantastic, and the energy boost is immediate. Great for workouts or a busy day at the office. Can't imagine my day without it.


    Energizes instantly without the crash. Duma Energy Drink is my daily go-to for sustained focus. Love the crisp taste, especially the refreshing Ginger Burst. No regrets, just pure productivity!


    Duma energy drink is a game-changer. The natural ingredients provide sustained energy, and the Mango flavor is addictive. No more midday slumps. 5 stars all the way.


    Duma Ginger is my new obsession! The ginger kick gives me a natural boost, and the flavor is unlike anything I've tried before. Perfect for a refreshing pick-me-up. 5 stars!


    Finally, an energy drink that's both delicious and effective! Duma Ginger/Hibiscus has a unique zing that wakes me up instantly. It's my go-to for early morning meetings. Love, love, love it! Five stars!


    Why is our mission important to us?

    We have seen how sickle cell has impacted Andrew and we know that he’s not alone. We also know that people like you consume a lot of sugar and caffeine through energy drinks. Therefore our purpose is to create a solution that reduces sugar while still tasting good and providing Energy.

    How long does the energy drink last before it expires?

    DUMA energy drink has a shelf life of 18 months when sealed.

    Why does offering the herbal ingredients matter to you?

    Our energy drink contains exclusive ingredients of exceptional quality that are rare in other beverages available in the market. Unlike typical energy drinks, our product aims to enhance your energy levels and fulfill your energy requirements. We are devoted to assisting you in meeting your energy needs with our product.

    For bulk or wholesale orders contact us or Canthesis.ca